Some artists sell their work to support themselves as.

The flute is a musical instrument that has been around for over 5,000 years. It is also the oldest instrument in history. The flute is made of wood and has a conical bore with a sharp edge on the top and bottom. The player blows across the top of the instrument to produce sound.The guitar is used to play many different types of music such as rock, jazz, blues, country and classical music. It consists of a long neck with six strings running down it, which are plucked by one or more fingers on each hand using metal or plastic picks called plectrums.

An artist creates artwork such as paintings, sculptures or drawings that are meant to evoke an emotional response from people who view them. Artists use different mediums to create their work.The flute is a musical instrument that is made from the length of a hollow tube which is closed at one end by a hole called the embouchure. The flute has been used since the neolithic period and has been found in many ancient civilizations.

The guitar is a stringed musical instrument with six strings, typically tuned E-A-D-G-B-E’ on a thick metal headstock, and played with both hands. The guitar’s body may be constructed out of wood, steel, or other materials. Guitars are played horizontally against the player’s chest and are supported by the left arm.

An artist creates artwork that may be visual art like paintings, drawings or photographs; or performing arts like music or theatre. Some artists sell their work to support themselves as.This section is about the beauty and cosmetics industries.